Please see the defects on the left which includes edge paint flakes and the chip between L & E of the LOGO:

All the defects are first filled in with a perfect matching paint and then very precisely touched up by our dial master who has been in the working on restoring dials and paint for 30 years. For a not proffesional, it will be hard to see the dial has been touched up. This service is perfect for collectors and proffesionals who love this service, saving an otherwise a write-off dial. Prices start at 350 euro but every dial get a custom quote, please mail us with your details



We can completely repaint the whole watch dial either to original specification or to a color chosen by the customer.The charge is 275 euro per dial. For Chronograph dials, the charge is 375 euro per dial. But for a detialed quote please contact us. 

Dial and hands re-lumination

The hands and lume of many vintage timepices do not endure the test of time. After years of sun and usage they fade and cracked. Often this is something which makes a vintage watch nice but sometimes the damage is so severe that it's decreasing the value of the watch and the overall charm of it. We provide a repaint of the hands and or dial with Bergeon Luminous in white or a matching patina. Prices start at 250 euro for the dial and 80 for the hands. 

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